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Digital models are being made of significant Aboriginal sites in WA’s Murchison region to maintain the continuity of Wajarri culture in an effort to keep traditional Wajarri culture alive.

Several sites which are threatened by erosion or disturbance in the Weld…

Asker jurassicelf Asks:
I really admire this blog and all the work you put into it. It really helps me to keep my privilege in check and to understand other people's struggles. I've also linked and referenced your blog multiple times while talking to people at my TAFE who have a habit of using racial slurs and it has helped them learn and grow. Thank you so so much for making myself and others more aware it is so appreciated!
black-australia black-australia Said:

No worries! And really?! I’m actually blown away that you value my blog, at least enough to direct others to it. Keep on learning and helping others to learn!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey, I'm not sure if you publish this kind of thing on your page but there's an adaptation of the play What Do They Call Me? being hosted by The Blue Room in Perth, WA. It's about three Indigenous women; a mother and her two daughters. www[.]facebook[.]com[/]events[/]753909004653019/ (just remove the [ ] )
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Ferguson Man Forms an Inspiring Team with Cop Watchers to Hold Police Accountable [Video: http://bit.ly/1l8QoAA]

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after they bury Michael Brown today

let us remember that the fight for justice is not over

please do not forget Ferguson

please keep Michael Brown on your mind, his family and friends in your hearts, and the city of Ferguson in your prayers

let us continue to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting for justice & peace

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
does it make sense that i feel uncomfortable learning about native americans + australians from my history textbook? there doesn't seem to be much obvious bias, but there is some, reading between the lines. i also don't really have a choice in what readings i do or not doing the work correctly; i need really high marks to keep my scholarship. basically, what would you suggest i do to keep a proper perspective of native american + australian history, which is not biased towards the europeans?
black-australia black-australia Said:

Absolutely. It’s very common for history textbooks to present information and facts from a white/European perspective. I suggest you do your own research and incorporate what you learn outside of the school based readings into your work. Self-education is really important. It’s something that everyone should get into.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi there, i'm a white australian who likes to reblog posts about indigenous australians (like "the invisible discriminator" vid) but i don't know how to properly tag these posts. what tags do you suggest? I really want to tag these posts with nonracist tags. also, is there a tag that warns that there may be images of deceased people that is often used? also thank you for this blog, i must admit, i'm quite ignorant on indigenous history/issues/anythign really.
black-australia black-australia Said:

Just tag them as “racism”, “casual racism” and “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander” (or ATSI for short, only use this in the tags). And for warnings on images/voices of deceased Indigenous persons, just use the tag “cultural warning” and actually insert a warning into the actual post if there isn’t already one there.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
This is probably a stupid question but on like medical forms and job applications etc why is there a question asking if you're aboriginal or Torres strait islander?
black-australia black-australia Said:

On average, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have poorer health than non-Indigenous peoples. So by asking this question, appropriate medical care can be performed and the delivery of care will be tailored so that it suits the individual. It’s also so that the appropriate cultural needs can be performed and taken into account, should a person need them. And job applications are much the same. 

Wanted to pop by and say i'm learning so much from your blog and i really appreciate the effect you put into it! C: congratz on the 3k followers :D
black-australia black-australia Said:

Thank-you! Really glad you’re learning heaps here. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, I was wondering if there are any books or resources you could recommend for Indigenous Australian peoples' history? Particularly within the last 100 or so years
black-australia black-australia Said:

Your local library should be able to provide you with plenty of books/resources for this. I am happy to answer questions and provide folks with good information, however finding out about Indigenous history within the last 100 years is really easy. 


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